Roosna and Flak

Roosna and Flak

Award-winning choreographers and dancers Külli Roosna (Estonia) and Kenneth Flak (Norway) have been collaborating since 2008. Whether creating their own choreographies or dancing for others, their work deals with the narratives and technologies of the body. The core of their work is the dancing body’s possibilities and limitations, in a constant dialogue with the digital technologies and discourses that extend and counterpoint it. In addition to their own choreographic works in the freelance field, they have been commissioned to create works for the Estonian National Ballet, Festival Classique (the Netherlands), Kaunas Biennial (Lithuania) and others. They would be presenting “The Wolf Project” & “The Chinese Room” in this biennale.

Külli Roosna, born 1981, is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She graduated Tallinn University in 2005 as a choreographer/dancer and continued her studies in Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. After obtaining her second bachelor degree in 2007 she started working internationally with different choreographers. In 2013 she obtained an MA of choreography at Tallinn University. She has worked with choreographers Richard Siegal, Dylan Newcomb, Amy Raymond, Fine5 Dance Theater, Teet Kask, Jüri Nael and others. She is a guest teacher at different universities in Estonia, Norway and the Netherlands. In 2010 her solo performance “Circle Through” was awarded the First Prize at the International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk, Belarus. Külli has performed her own and other choreographers’ works in different festivals all over the world.

Kenneth Flak, born 1975, is an internationally active dancer, choreographer, composer and teacher. He has performed in the works of André Gingras (Netherlands/Canada), Dansdesign (Norway), Richard Siegal (France/USA), Preeti Vasudevan (India/USA) and many others. He is educated at the Stage Directing department of the National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Norway; and the Mime Department and Modern Dance Department of the Amsterdam Arts School. In 2007 he received a Bessie Performer’s Award in New York for his interpretation of Gingras’ solo CYP17. In 2010 he was nominated for the BNG Award in Amsterdam for Of Gods and Driftwood. He received the Norwegian Government Grant for Young Artists 2004 and 2008-9. Flak is a regular guest teacher at universities and professional workshops around the world. A self-taught composer, he has created music for his own choreographies, as well as those of Charlotta Öfverholm, Wilfried Seethaler, Kosmas Kosmpoulos, Yael Gaathon and others.


Bachiatari Bachiatari keeps on striving in order to expand the boundary of already existing JAPANESE classical drum format. They believe in radical innovation and if it is accepted widely, then that becomes the Japanese classical drum of today.

Yukio Suzuki

Born in 1972. Suzuki studied butoh at the Asbestos-kan (Asbestos House) from 1997 and danced in the works of Ko Murobushi and other artists. In 2000 he started the group Kingyo. He gained attention in the dance world for his documentary-like style of directing and choreography that uses compelling placement of dancers with a strong emphasis on their physical presence. In recent years he has expanded his activities as a choreographer with projects like choreographing for dancers of the Tokyo City Ballet Company and participating in the Asian Dance Conference. He also conducts workshops based on butoh methodology. With a highly sensitive consciousness of the body, he conducts programs around the country aimed at creating dancer-specific works. In 2003 he won the ST Spot Lab Award. In 2004 he participated in the final Next-Next program of the Saison Foundation. In 2005 he was the Session House resident artist. In 2007 he was nominated for the Kyoto Arts Center Performing Arts Award 2007. In the Toyota Choreography Awards he was winner of the Audience Award in 2005 and the Choreographer of the next Generation (Grand Prize) Award in 2008. He will be presenting his breathtaking solo piece “Evanescere – volatile body”. 

Akito Sengoku


Akito Sengoku was born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kyoto in 1983. He started live performance by visuals on the theme of “painting in time”, using the OHP (overhead projector) from the 2004 “TIME PAINTING”. He collaborated with artistes of the various fields like musicians , dancers, and choreographers . In 2010, he conducted a Nordic tour of Sweden, Norway with a six-string harp guitarist / composer living in Kitakyushu. He held a voluntary planning event “SENGOKU night.” UrBANGUILD in Kyoto in 2011. He also started an exhibition “tourist destination” of only a few hours with an emphasis made with “space for live”, a collaboration with the place and space from 2012.

Mitabi Kobayashi

207497_198162976888435_5717408_nDocumentary director

Born :- May 28, I972>

Career :-
In I998, Inc. joined Slow Hand. Inc
2006, Inc. joined Walk, Inc
2009, Inc. was established SANDO, Inc.

Program Director
FIRST JAPANESE “Junji Sakata” “Masako Ono”
Fuji TV
NONFIX (documentary series)
” SUREI SASAI .Japanese became the leader of Buddhism in India ”
” SUREI SASAI Japanese became the leader of Buddhism in India. part 2″
“North Korea’s abduction”
Quest “Manoel de Oliveira”
Nonfiction W “Horiuchi Kanako Okinawan folk” (producer)

“SUREI SASAI Japanese became the leader of Buddhism in India.” (Aspect 2007)

Awards :- JAPAN Media Arts Festival 2007, “Mr. Splash!”

Kunihiko Matsuo


kMedia Artist

MATSUO Kunihiko is a multimedia artist based in Tokyo and specializes in interactive technology,audio-visual design and contemporary dance. He is a former member of Nest, a multimedia performance group in Japan. Also he is a founder of CMprocess, a artists collective is working on the border line between technology, performing arts and design–offering an integrated view on digital media system design.

“CMprocess” also is the name of the tools and methodologies for generating performance.

This Odisha Biennale, he will be collaborating with Roosna & Flak for their pieces “The Chinese Room” & “The Wolf Project”.

Nanako Koyama

Lucy+K ,lnc CEO

Born in 1974. After the graphic designer of a design work company, she established Lucy+K,lnc and started the miscellaneous-goods project “gg ” in 2006. She also went into producing the art exhibition, advertisement,workshop and lecturers.

“Tadanoinu (Free dogs) ”
“We have desicled to start the miscellaneous-goods shop”
“Something is more than photograph and less than photograph ”

“Tadanoinu (Free dogs) ” 2005
“Typography reproduction ” 2007
“Odisha odissi ” 2010
“gg Lock Art Festival (Yokohama, Nagano, Sweden, Okinawa)”

She brings Surya Museum Project to thie Biennale.



MOPA was established in 2010 by professional Odissi dancer Masako Ono.  MOPA thrives to explore the various dimensions of dance and movement through exploration and experimentation in the fields of Classical and Contemporary dance. MOPA will be presenting their piece called “TRANCE – Samaadhi”.

Sukant Panigrahy

Sukant-K-keedeeA renowned production designer and art director by profession and a social activist at heart, Sukant Panigrahy is a name to reckon with in the field of art-direction in Bollywood. Originally from Ganjam , Orissa, Sukant is an award winning art director with an extensive career including “ Gangajaal”, “Chak de India” & “Dev D”. He has also achieved considerable amount of success as an installation artist at various art festivals at national and international levels. At Odisha Biennale 2013, Sukant displays an installation of insects, called Sukant Ke Keede, made out of garbage, in order to convey the message of recycling and eco friendly life.


Naoki Honjo

Naoki Honjo

Born in 1978 in Tokyo, Naoki Honjo graduated from the Department of Media Arts at Tokyo Polytechnic University Graduate School of Arts. Using a unique style, his photographs focus on the landscapes, buildings and other features which arise against the backdrop of human and community mediation . His soft works have garnered attention for their architectural layering of diverse components, such as 4×5 camera tilting, aerial shots and use of locations chosen from throughout the world . Honjo’s earlier collection, small planet (Little More), was awarded the 32 nd Ihei Kimura Photography Award. His works are displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
His photographs will be on exhibit on 19th & 20th November in Surya Museum Project.

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