Odisha Biennale 2017 is now looking for interns for the following four departments:-

Our aim is to raise the contemporary art/performing art scene of Bhubaneswar, by cultivating engineers and critics who support the performing art and international art festival.

1.Stage technician training internship
Experience stage production under professional engineers and artists, and master the skills of theater technology.

2. Dance criticism internship
Under the supervision of professional critics, participants interview the festival and present reviews, previews, etc. to media such as web pages and SNS.

3. Provide an opportunity to students studying Japanese
We invite students who are learning Japanese and provide an opportunity to them to support Japanese interpreters and artists. Participants can learn Japanese and Japanese culture through communication with them. Also, by introducing Indian culture to overseas artists, participants can deepen their understanding of their own culture.

4. Management, Festival organization
We provide you the platform where you can learn and develop your skills in managing the festival organized by Mudra Foundation.

Interns will be provided with stipend and a certificate (after submitting a report).

Fill in this https://goo.gl/IubgDX form and send it to odishabiennale(at)gmail.com, we will do our best to guide you through the entire process and if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at odishabiennale(at)gmail.com.

Note -Interns should join on or before 14th October 2017.

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