Featuring internationally acclaimed artists from across the world!
Odisha Biennale 2017 will present some of finest performers from India, Japan, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Peru, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda and USA.


Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre/Cafeteria

Plot No. 1, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Chandrasekharpur, Khurda, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751015

Fee : Free


Telephone : +91-7873124999
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Our performing arts division consists of three main pillars.
1. Invitation program to introduce rigorously selected artists performing cutting edge of stage arts in and out of India
2. Application program to find new talents among young Indian artists who have great potential to grow into internationally reputed performers
3. Workshops and seminar programs to promote stage art activities in the region

Fujima Rankoh

Sagi Musume (Heron Maiden)   

[Nihonbuyo – Japanese Traditional Dance -]

Schedule : 29th Oct.  18:00 – 19:15
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

18:00  Lecture & Demonstration by Takako Sakurai  40 min.
18:40  Sagi Musume  25min.

Performance : Rankoh Fujima/Rankei Fujima (video)

Visual Direction : antymark (Tomoya Rikiishi)

Title Design : Tohku Matsuo

Codirection/Sound Effects : Kunihiko Matsuo

Supervision : Naomi Inata Takako Sakurai

“Nihonbuyo” is Japanese Dance, as literally indicated. It is not a folklore entertainment but a performing art on a stage to be shown to the audience. It contains the essence of Japanese traditional culture such as Kabuki, Noh, tea ceremony as well as various performing arts earlier than “Nihonbuyo”. Therefore, “Nihonbuyo” is a comprehensive form of Japanese performing arts from ancient to modern times.

The Heron Maiden
The snow falls silently and unendingly, covering the landscape in a blanket of white.
A young maiden in a white wedding dress holds an umbrella and lingers by a willow tree on the bank of a snowy pond.
Lovelorn and yearning, she begins to dance out her longing for her beloved.
The young maiden is the heron transformed.
The young maiden now changes into a town maiden and acts out her flowery love in a variety of dances overflowing with joy.
Mad with love, the maiden regresses unaware into a white heron and beats her wings in anguish against the torments of Hell.
Finally, the Heron Maiden symbolically displays her ascent to the heavens.
translated by Douglas Griffith, Yuh Sumida

Rankoh Fujima

Photo: Kishin Shinoyama

Fujima Rankoh

is a successor to the Fujima family, which has been located at “Daichi (alternative site)” since it was awarded during the Edo period. In 1967, he started learning Japanese classical dance from his grandmother, Fujiko Fujima, and his mother, Rankei Fujima, and made his debut at the age of 6 in 1968.

In 1978, the fourth head of school, Kan-emon Fujima, granted him the stage name of “Rankoh Fujima.” He organizes the dance performances for his school, called “Shikokai”, and his own recital, which is called “Rankoh-no-kai”, while holding the inter-school performance called “Goyokai.”

In addition to inheriting the classical works that have been passed down to him via his great-grandmother, Kampachi Fujima, his grandmother Fujiko, and his mother Rankei, he has also released his new works based on overseas literary products and pieces of music based on his production and choreography.

In 2015, he premiered “-NOBUNAGA-“in a performance entitled “Deai (Encounter)”, which was organized in collaboration with the world-famous Russian and Japanese ballet dancers: Farouk Ruzimatov and Morihiro Iwata. He studied Nagauta music under the head of the school, the late Shojiro Kineya VI, Noh play of the Komparu school under the late Nobutaka Komparu, and the tea ceremony of the Urasenke school under Sokujitsuan Souan. He also studied Hayashi (musical accompaniment) under the late Seiko Tosha, and his stage name is Kiyoshi Tosha.

He has received many awards, including the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize, and the National Arts Festival New Face Award of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

He is also currently working as a member of the judging committee for the Tokyo Shimbun’s National Dance Competition, as well as the Seoul International Dance Competition.

Rakoh Fujima Web Site : http://www.geocities.jp/rankoh_f/

antymark (Tomoya Rikiishi)

antymark started their career as a live VJ unit for Tamagawa Camping village ‘Hertzberg’ 2008, the most important outdoor festival in Japan. They are official live VJ for THEORCH (popular rock band in Japan) from 2008. Also they participated in the 1st and 2nd VJ summit at APPLE store GINZA, JAPAN.

Nowadays, they are quite active in the field of visual directions for many corporate shows for some of the world’s biggest companies, using real-time visual rendering on multi-screens, developing environmental interactive installations, and space designing.




Gombe Cultural Troupe

[Music/Dance  – African Ensemble -]

Schedule : 5th Nov.  18:00 – 19:00
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

Gombe Cultural Troupe (5)

The Gombe cultural Troupe

is a student enterprise at St. Andrew KaggwaGombe High School Kawaala-Kampala. It embraces students with music, dance and instrumental playing (African ensemble) skills with an objective of developing, marketing and learning the skills. The troupe performs different traditional dances from various ethnic societies/regions with a contemporary touch but minding so much about the originality and purpose.The troupe does dances like Otwege (West Nile), Lakaraka (Northern Uganda), Kintagululo (Western Uganda), Ding Ding (Eastern Uganda), Kiganda (Central region).

The troupe performed at the closing ceremony of the East African Corporate League at KCCA group where Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga (Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament) was the chief guest in March 2017.

In 2016, one of the troupe members performed at the SAIMUN MODEL CONFERENCE held at SAI International School, India.






Hemabharathy Palani


[Contemporary Dance]

Schedule : 2nd Nov.  18:00 – 19:00 (double bill)
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

Duration : 20min

Concept, Choreography & Dance: Hemabharathy palani

Composer: Miguel Marin (Spain)

Music: B. C. Manjunath (Konnakkol), K R V Pulakeshi

Costume: Aloka D’Souza

Sonic Arts: Nikhil Nagaraj

Dramaturgist and Poetry Recorder: Kirtana Kumar

Set Desighner: TransMedia Technologies

Light Design: Shymon Chelad

Special Thanks:

Pandit Birju maharaj, Minal Prabhu, Mudrika, Balasubramanya Sharma

Attakkalari for studio spaces

Mentors: kate Flatt, Jayachandran Palazhy, Mallika Sarabhai

Creation: Commissioned by 2faces Dance Company, “The Bench”

Co-produces by Dance Base & Attakkalari Bienniel (Platform 17)


Yashti sees Hemabhrathy Palani create a sensorial and multilayered portrait of a woman through anecdotes by delving into the cultural memories of other women who have chosen an alternative path. Linking haunting images of love, jealousy, confrontation and redemption Hema performs a kinaesthetic soliloquy that combines fresh choreographic ideas, a new poetics of tradition and an invented vocabulary. Yashti is raw and honest poetry where a single voice echoes multiple truths.

Hemabharathy Palani

is an award-winning choreographer and dancer. Based in Bangalore, India, she is one of the most promising young talents in contemporary dance today.

Hema is known for her fluidity, musicality and evocative performances. Her classical training in Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam serve as a base that roots her, whilst she delves into the expressive capabilities of contemporary dance.

Currently, Hemabharathy is the Rehearsal Director at the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, where she also works as a choreographer, performing artist, and teacher.

Hemabharathy Palani Web Site : https://www.hemabharathy.in/








Masako Ono

Kirvani Pallavi & Pashati Dishi Dishi

[Odissi – Indian Traditional Dance -]

Schedule : 28th Oct.  18:00 – 19:00
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

Duration : 15min

Performer : Masako Ono

Manager : Manas Das

Cordinator : Smaran Mohanty

Masako started dancing at age 4 in the discipline of Martha Graham technique, additionally trained in western classical ballet, jazz and HipHop in Tokyo.
In 1996, Masako joined NRITYAGRAM, the dance village in India, to pursue Odissi dance (Indian Classical Dance), Yoga.
She is empaneled as a SOLOIST of Odissi dance by the Govt of India since 2009.
She has performed and given lecture-demonstrations / workshops in more than 20 countries in the last decade and has performed for 2 Prime Ministers of Japan and the present Prime Minister of India. She was by the Newsweek in 2008 as one of the “100 most respected Japanese in the world”, and her documentary film “THE FIRST JAPANESE” was made by NHK, the national news channel of Japan.
Masako also performs her own choreographed contemporary dance pieces and collaborates with international artists regardless of fields.




Masako Ono Web Site : http://masakoono.com/







Moya Michael


[Contemporary Dance]

Schedule : 4th Nov.  18:00 – 19:00
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

Duration : approx 60min

Moya Michael (dancer)

Keyon Gaskin (dancer)

Sujay Saple (dancer)

Inge Fore (performer and subtitles)

Jamie Edwards (performer)

Mitsuaki Matsumoto (musician)

Dianne Weller (singer)

Deepa Dharmadhikari (lighting design)

© Agathe Poupeney

© Agathe Poupeney

JMBINS is a unique project that brings together twelve exciting artists from Europe, the U.S., Japan and India, juxtaposing their varied disciplines as well as artistic & personal backgrounds. The work explores cultures of collaboration and examines the idea of ‘transference’ and exchange; about how this transference could occur across contexts, practices, geographies and cultures; and how it could be experienced/shared through the ephemerality of the physical body.

The project had its first phase in February 2017 when the 12 artists lived and worked together at an artistic residency in Auroville in southern India. They went through intensive rehearsal sessions with no predetermined ‘product’ or topic in mind, except the singular focus on sharing each others’ practices, processes & current concerns – and candidly bring them face to face. They engaged in an organic improvisatory process spanning disciplines including choreography, installation, wellness & healing, spoken word, dance, and sound design. They spent long hours immersed in personal-political discussions, about concerns ranging from cultural expectations to racial stereotyping, from the economy of arts to the politics of international curatorial practices. Through this thoroughly organic process emerged a 90 minute immersive performance piece about ‘transference’, which was performed across multiple spaces at the Adishakti Performance Laboratory.

Now, in its second stage, the project idea has progressed into breaking up the sum of its parts. Each of the collaborators is individually exploring their experience of the residency by remotely developing a short solo within the framework of their own geography, context and discipline – the twelve varied solos unified only under the umbrella of a shared thematic. Later in October 2017, the artists will meet once again to re-imagine the notion of ‘collaboration’ by sharing, for the first time, these distinct solos with each other at a second artistic residency in India. Here, the subject of transference/exchange will evolve yet again, through a shared process of choreographic collage. The artists will discover commonalities and contradictions within the prismatic framework of each others’ solos, or find connecting threads with specific collaborators, re-examining their own solos. A new full length piece will be created once again in residency, bringing together the twelve distinct voices.

Moya Michael

Moya Michael is a dancer , performing artist and choreographer born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa. She has danced with the likes of Akram Khan, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Rosas), Sidi Larbi Cherkoui and Damien Jalet (Eastman), Faustin Linyekula, David Hernandez and Marten Spangberg. Moya was nominated for a best dancer award at the ‘ITS’ Festival in Holland and was awarded the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for dance at the National Arts festival in Grahamstown South Africa. Moya currently resides in Brussels Belgium which is her base for creating her own work. Moya Has worked on commissions in India, China, Germany, South Africa and Austria. Her latest Works include ‘Darling’ in collaboration with Igor Shyshko which they still perform and ‘A_Part’ created for three talented dancers from the SEAD’s Bodhi project in Salzburg Austria. Moya is currently working on a series of solos and is aslo spearheaded an open ended collaboration in Pondicherry India in February, with a group of multidisciplinary artists from across the globe. Moya is interested in ‘performing the self’ and developing projects with other artists and artistic fields and has an ongoing commitment to process, discourse and becoming.













Ronita Mookerji


[Contemporary Dance]

Schedule : 2nd Nov.  18:00 – 19:00 (double bill)
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

Duration : 22min

Choreography: Ronita Mookerji

Creative Collaboration: Prashant More

Dancers: Prashant More & Ronita Mookerji

Mentorship : Kate Flatt, Tamsin Fitzgerald, Mallika Sarabhai

Music Composer : Martin Basman

Indian Vocals : Akshata Joshi

Costume Designer : Joy Rebecca Mardi

Light Support : Pritham Kumar

Special Thanks to : 2Faced Dance Company UK,The BENCH Project 2017, British Council, UK, Arts Council England, Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Darpana Academy for Performing Arts, Shoonya Centre for Art and Somatic Practices, Abdul (Carpenter).

Who? is an intricate, introspective, multi-layered exploration of identity and its crises through two interwoven solos, created by each of the performers from their extremely personal,hidden space and looking at it from inside out, while trying to deal with the dual energies that are present in Nature, of the man and the woman, of the male and female energies, an intricate power-play yet having to co-exist together, which could be often chaotic or harmonious. Hence the struggle and constant search for balance and the calm. Using the spatial confines of the Box and the external space around it, exploring in-depth the physical and emotional limitations associated with restricted spaces and the tangible concept of freedom. The Box has a metaphoric function representing different facets to each performer in the search for identity.

“The self divided is precisely where the self is authentically located. We all have identity crises because a single identity is a delusion. Authenticity is in the illusion, playing it, seeing through it from within us as we play it, like an actor who sees through a mask and can only see in this way “ – James Hillman.


Ronita Mookerji

has been trained in Bharatanatyam from a tender age of 5 years and she did her Arangetram (Graduation) in the year 2007 in Kolkata and still continues training in it. She has also undergone training in Odissi for 2 years under Guru Alokananda Roy. Trained in classical Bharatanatyam for more than 18 years, Ronita moved from Kolkata to Bangalore in 2008 to pursue contemporary dance.

She graduated with Honours from Attakkalari’s Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media in 2009. During the Diploma program, she trained in Kalarippayattu, Bharatanatyam, Classical Ballet, Contact Improvisation, and Contemporary dance technique. She has also explored Jazz, Pilates, Kathak and Light Design through shorter modules. After joining the Attakkalari Repertory in 2009, she trained with visiting artists in the following modules: Hip Hop with Storm (Germany), floor work with Kama Jezierska (Poland/ Iceland), the Flying Low Technique with Vangelis Legakis (Greece/ U.K.) and contemporary dance with Richard Siegal (U.S.A. / Germany / France), Contemporary Techniques with James Mac-Gillivray and Kayleigh Ann Crook from London. With Attakkalari, she was a Senior dancer/instructor/choreographer now and has performed at various shows, corporate launches and meetings like for Robert Bosch, All-Indian Science Meeting, State Bank of India Annual Day, Global Health Meetings and cultural events across India.

Ronita Mookerji Web Site : http://ronitamookerji.com/

Rui Rui

Otoshi Mono

[Silent Drama]

Schedule : 30th Oct.  18:00 – 19:10
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

Duration : 70min

Performance : Yoshihiro Fujita/Maruyama Kazuaki

Assistant : Hirofumi Moriiwa

Management : Mayumi Yamaoka

Produce : CAT-A-TAC


“Otoshi Mono”

This “story” without voice takes place at some sightseeing destination. It is a totally unexpected story which sinks deep into your heart. Under the spell of the Rui Rui’s unique performance techniques, the story unfolds like a picture handscroll, and creates a fascinating sensation as if you are watching a movie film! This great piece of work with infinite depth can be interpreted in millions of ways according to your imagination, and you may find your own life projected to the story.



Rui Rui

Rui Rui is a pantomime unit formed by Yoshihiro Fujita and Kazuaki Maruyama. Their performance is a jumble of contemporary dance and mime. With fantastically unique and out-of-this-world ideas, the two performers on the stage instantly turn every piece of ordinary things in daily life upside down, using a kind of figurative technique called “Mitate.” The unit name Rui Rui in Japanese means to accumulate things layer by layer. They will take you to their version of the world, where a variety of ideas overlap one after another for ever and ever… Sit back and enjoy the pleasure of having your commonsense overthrown…

Yoshihiro Fujita 
Producer unit CAT-A-TAC presided over. He is also active as a main dancer of the Dance Company Condors. Otsuka Ai’s PV, Yaida Hitomi’s PV, Fuji TV ‘Hakusen Costume’ and other CM choreography. Parco Produce “The Man Who Fell in the Blank” (Work / Director: Shuji Onodera, Starring: Yasuyuki Shuto), NODA · MAP “Piper” Starring (Director: Hideki Noda). Hosted by “Globe Theater” (middle star) (starring: Kato Shigeaki) choreographed appearance. “On the top of the cuckoo nest” (starring: Oguri Shun, director: Masahiko Kawahara) staging. Choreographing “Fukui Happy Energetic Nationals · Competition Dance”. Appearance “NHK Salaryman Gymnastics” in NHK Integrated “Salaryman NEO”. Part time lecturer at Gunma University.






Maruyama Kazuaki
Group CAVA (Sabah), and performing at acting as a writer, director and performing at home and abroad. The French musician Patrice Perrie las is a music director and the stage “BARBER” telling stories by body expression and music invited as the opening work of the South France Bach Carcassonne Festival and rehearsed at the Aoyama amphitheater. Appeared in the premiere edition “Man who fell in the blank” (work/director: Shuji Onodera, starring: Yasuyuki Shuto). The magazine SWITCH The stage “Nutcracker Doll” commemorating the 30th anniversary of the first issue (Appearance: Miki Ishimaru, Yasuyuki Shito, Akira Wakabayashi) composition/production. “SOMEGIRL (S)” sponsored by Globe Theater (leading: Mr. Ken Miyake), theater company IKUME “New Holidays” (work/production: Maekawa Chitose Univ.) Staging and so on. Shuto Yasuyuki Choreographed · Directed ballet acting full title “Don Quijote” plays a title role and obtains popularity.





Rui Rui Web Site : http://www.cat-a-tac.jp/ruirui/

Mandeep Raikhy


[Contemporary Dance]

Schedule : 31st Oct. 
18:00 Queen-size 135 min.
20:20 Artists’ Talk  with Biswa Bhusan Pattanayak (SAATHII), Sadanand Menon 40 min.
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Cafeteria

Queen-size runs in a 45min loop played continuously over two and a half hours. The audience can enter the performance space at specific intervals through this period. And stay for as long as they like. The advised entry times are in half hour intervals from the beginning of the performance.

Dancers and Collabolators : Lalit Khatana and Parinay Mehra

Choreography : Mandeep Raikhy

Soundscore : Yasuhiro Morinaga

Lighting design : Jonathan O’hear

Technical execution : Govind Singh and Kavi Dutt

Cosutumes : Virkein Dhar

Charpoy design : Lalit Khatana

Executive Producers : Sandbox Collective

Production Support : Pro Helvetia- Swiss Arts Council, Japan Foundation, Nishit Saran Foundation & Gati Dance Forum

In response to Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalises homosexuality in India, Queen-size is a choreographic exploration that takes the form of a detailed study of the intimacy between two men. Played out on a charpoy, the duet makes an embodied argument for the fundamental right to love by examining the nuts and bolts of a close encounter between two male bodies. In deliberately making this encounter visible, Queen-size poses questions around spectatorship, privacy and dissent. The work was triggered by Nishit Saran’s article titled ‘Why My Bedroom Habits Are Your Business’, first published in the Indian Express in January 2000.

Queen-size runs in a 45-minute loop played out continuously over two and a half hours. The audience can enter the performance space at specific intervals through this period, and stay for as long as they like.

In protest against an archaic law that governs and affects millions of lives, Queen- size travelled to various venues over 20 cities across the country in 2016-17. The extensive tour included Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Imphal, Aizawl, Dadri, Kolkata, Guwahati, Sonepat, Shillong, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Kanchipuram, Pune, Pondicherry and Bangalore. Queen-size’s international premiere took place at the Southbank Centre, London, in May 2017.

Mandeep Raikhy

is a dance practitioner with a particular interest in exploring the intersections between dance creation, performance, research and pedagogy. He began studying jazz at age 19 at the Danceworx, New Delhi, and his subsequent interest in contemporary dance took him to London where he completed a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre at Laban. He toured with Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, London, between 2005-09. He was also part of the company’s education team and has extensive teaching experience.

Since 2010, Mandeep has created several dance works, notably Inhabited Geometry (2010), a male ant has straight antennae (2013) and Queen-size (2016). These works have travelled across the country and internationally over the years including Kampnagel, Steps Dance Festival, Southbank Centre and Singapore International Arts Festival. Since 2009, Mandeep has been Managing Director at Gati Dance Forum, where he has worked to develop a supportive environment for contemporary dance in the country through projects as diverse as residencies, festivals, publications and advocacy initiatives. He has also led the curriculum development team for the Master’s in Dance Practice to be launched at Ambedkar University Delhi from July 2017. This programme is the first of its kind in South Asia.

Mandeep Raikhy Web Site : http://www.mandeepraikhy.com/


Parinay Mehra

Parinay Mehra is a graduate in Dance Theatre from Trinity-Laban, London. I also have a Diploma in Dance Studies from Trinity-Laban. He has been trained in Ballet and various contemporary techniques namely… Release, Limon, Graham & Cunningham. He have also been trained in Jazz and studied and experienced various forms of Indian Classical dance. He has performed in various dance works for both stage and film in the UK, Europe and Delhi. These range from new contemporary works, restaged works, ballet production and short films. He has also done an internship at Jose Limon Foundation in New York.


Lalit Khatana

Lalit Khatana started dancing in Natya Ballet Center in New Delhi, where he learned Mayurbhang chhau under Guru J.J. Sai Babu. In 2008 he moved to Bangalore and joined Diploma in Contemporary Dance and Mixed Media offered by Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts and subsequently toured nationally and internationally with its allied company. In Sep 2013, Lalit graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of dance (SEAD) under the post-graduate choreography course, International choreographic exchange (ICE) for artists in practice. Lalit has worked with choreographers such as Richerd Siegal, Samir Akika, Sudesh Adhana and Eulalia Ayugade Farro.



Sandbox Collective is a creative services organisation that curates, produces and tours performances. It acts as a catalyst facilitating meaningful collaborations nationally and internationally between artists, cultural agencies and arts spaces creating an explosion of innovative artistic expression.



‘I am honoured to see such an awesome performance in my home state.’ Laomi, Aizawl

‘I just failed to understand this whole event. Felt more like an adult entertainment club. If it was so simple to protest against Sec 377, HCs/ SCs/ NGOs need not have discussed and raised this topic so much.’ Pranjita, Guwahati

‘Why is love illegal? Very very intriguing performance. In awe!’ Vibhavani, Mumbai

‘One of those performances you come out a different person.’ Saurabh, Pune

‘Fabulous. Intense. Courageous.’ James, Pune

‘It is mesmerizing and intensely person. I am shaking with emotion as I write.’ Revati, Ahmedabad

‘To imagine how body could be used to speak about dissent! Saw this! Spellbound. And inspired.’ Swati, Ahmedabad

‘A truly wonderful experience and an eye opener to the fact that love is indeed beyond gender.’ Rasika, Ahmedabad

‘Beautifully done. No one gonna tell you what to do in your bedroom.’ Shaheen, Kolkata

‘Watching the performance, it seemed so natural. I thought I might feel odd, but this performance altered my way of looking. Loved it.’ Divija, Shiv Nadar University

‘This performance is one of the most open ended performances I’ve come across. It succeeds in making people think a lot more about their idea of gender and sexuality.’ Anirudh, Shiv Nadar University

‘Amongst the loud noises of protest, I had forgotten that loving someone (irrespective of gender) is something natural. Thank you for reminding.’ Swetha, Shiv Nadar University

‘Absolutely stunning. Have no words other than these. (and nothing else I say will do justice)’ Namrata, Adishakti

‘My favourite parts were the nuances, the tenderness, the meeting of fingertips and the spooning and soft sitting on the khat. So many times the choreography took me back to scenes of lovemaking between my boyfriend and I. And each time I realized this is so intricately similar to that. The difference is in our head’. Tapshi, Bangalore



“..a beautiful dance piece full of complexity and nuance..”

EXEUNT MAGAZINE on Queen-size, May 2017


“To some, watching Queen Size will perhaps be uncomfortable; it challenges hetero-social norms and, at the same time, engages in a subject that Indian society finds uncomfortable regardless of gender: physical intimacy. Watching two men, two human beings enact an activity so natural, but otherwise taboo, might just be the show we require to question our own perception of sex, sexuality and gender.”

THE HINDU on Queen-size, December 2016


“The performance, the mood, the sounds and smells, not to mention the light distilled through sheer goblets of water create an intimate groove in time where you smile and shiver, gaze and dive into the most personal and magical zone of two male lovers that also remind you of moments in your own sojourns into the realm of desire.”

BANGALORE MIRROR on Queen-size, March 2017


“The charpoy also holds significance. It’s rustic, it’s transparent. You can see above it, under it and through it; there’s no place for hiding, and there’s no need for hiding. In deliberately making this encounter visible, Queen-Size poses questions around spectatorship, privacy and dissent”

DT NEXT on Queen-size, February 2017


“Our position as spectators became vulnerable, transformable, and exchangeable with the performers. The queer gaze that the last moments of the performance successfully put forth unshackled the performance from its performativity by making it an act that we happened to encounter—we became watchers on the same ground as the performers.”

LIGAMENT on Queen-size, 2017, February 2017




Project O

[Contemporary Dance]

Schedule : 3rd Nov.  18:00 – 18:40
Venue : Mindtree Kalinga Campus Amphitheatre

A contemporary dance production by VEDANZA for young audiences age 4+.

Duration : 40min

Performance : Samuel Meystre/Yuko Kominami/Emanuela Iacopini

Artistic Director : Rajivan Ayyappan

Choreography : Emanuela Iacopini, Yuko Kominami

Sound design : Rajivan Ayyappan, Emre Sevindik, Tomas Tello, Raul Jardin

Interactive video projections : Matsuo Kunihiko

Light design : Nico Tremblay

External advisor : Laurent Dupont

Project O is a charming modern fairy tale performance for young audiences aged 4+.
Three dancers and a musician are on a treasure hunt in search of the moon that has disappeared. They enter into a dream-like space where games and surprises are played out in an alternating world of reality and abstract. Will they find the moon, and will they place it back in the sky?
With influences from traditional Butoh, contemporary dance and a hint of playful acrobatics, Project O flows from simple rituals to fast paced contemporary urban movement. It melts into surreal and digital imagery, while children’s games and their rules lead the performers into a fun and vibrant floor-projection game.

“They made it… They allowed an audience aged five access to contemporary dance and at the same time they offered fun entertainment to adults.” (Tageblatt)

“Some were looking for explanations on how dancers were moving, others were simply fascinated by this mixture of extraordinary music, multimedia input, and modern dance….What a joy to see my students attentive and interested during the whole show.” (pre-primary school teacher)

VEDANZA Web Site : http://vedanza.org/



RAJIVAN AYYAPPAN (Artistic Director, performer)
Sound designer, composer, and visual artist of Indian origin based in Luxembourg. His sound works take numerous forms: installations, sculptures and performances. His works were shown in many international festivals. Trained in south Indian music, he plays numerous instruments. In the course of his studies in visual arts and communication at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, his competences in the field of the typography and his knowledge of visual arts history considerably influenced his musical researches. Among his works are Sound mapping Mithi river terrain for the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai; Telescapes (Audio Elf), at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst of Cologne; The Air Around, a networked performance implicating 213 artists coming from the whole world. He collaborated on sound design for recent Indian films including Gitanjali Rao’s Printed Rainbow that received three awards in the Cannes film festival in 2006, and Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist. He worked with Indian film directors such as Ketan Mehta, Aparna Sen and Ayisha Abraham. He is co-founder of VEDANZA asbl (Luxembourg).

EMANUELA IACOPINI (Choreographer, Dancer)
Born in Rome in 1974 Emanuela lives and works in Luxembourg. After a BA in dance at the Scuola Professionale Italiana di Danza in Milan, she obtains a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry at the Queen Mary University of London and a Master’s degree in Dance Science from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance. Since her beginnings many institutions support her work as a dancer and choreographer, including E&B Productions (UK), ArtsDepot (London), Grand Theatre of Luxembourg, Theatre National de Luxembourg, Rotondes (Lux), Festival de Wiltz, Turkish State Theatres (Ankara), Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (Bangalore), Theater and der Parkaue (Berlin). With a complementary practice in Yoga and bodywork she is choreographer co-founder of VEDANZA and she is course leader in dance kinesiology and contemporary dance at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg since 2007.

YUKO KOMINAMI (Choreographer, Dancer)
Yuko Kominami was born in 1973 in Japan. She lives and works in Luxemburg. She studied butoh and dance in Tokyo. After finishing her BA in Japanese history at Waseda University, she did a Professional Diploma in Community Dance Studies and an Independent Study Programme at Laban Centre London. She obtained her MA in Dance Cultures, Histories and Practices from the University of Surrey. She has collaborated with other dancers, choreographers, artists, musicians and theatre directors of various horizons. Recently, she has been working with the company Ten Pen Chii directed by Yumiko Yoshioka, and Joachim Manger in Berlin, Germany. Her work consists in experiments with movements in-between (“movements of becoming”) where intensities of individuals intersect. Her recent works include grass (2013), Metamorphosis (2014).

SAMUEL MEYSTRE (additional Choreographer, Dancer)
Samuel was born in 1974 in Switzerland. He presently lives and works in Germany (Saarland). He got his education in ballet, modern and contemporary dance through numerous teachers in various schools in Switzerland and at international dance workshops (Nigel Charnock, Jorma Uotinen, Josef Nadj, Randy Warshaw, Ballet Junior de Genève). He received a scholarship for danceWEB in summer 1997 in Vienna. He worked as a dancer and/or co-choreographer with numerous companies in Switzerland (Alias Cie, Movers, Mafalda, Pool), Germany (Micha Purucker, Sylvia Heyden) and Sweden (Adekwhat/Philippe Blanchard) and has received a cultural-merit award from the city of Zurich in December 2002. Samuel choreographed his first short piece at the age of 23 and founded in 2006 the vobalko company with which he brings his own works, as well as projects in collaboration with other artists.

MATSUO KUNIHIKO (Interactive Video Artist)
Multimedia artist, designer, and dancer, born in 1969 in Japan. Based in Tokyo, Matsuo Kunihiko is specialised in interactive technologies, broadcasting design and contemporary dance. Co-founder of Nest (performance intermedia in which he also participates as dancer and sound designer) in 1992, he is also the founder of CMprocess, the collective of artists who works on a total concept including at the same time new technologies, performing arts and design. In 2004, he wins the 1st price in the international competition The Presence of Time – City. Architecture Art for Braunschweig. He works regularly in India, in Japan and in Europe.

Nico was born in Montreal, Canada. After his studies in Performance Production, Light Design and Sound at the National School of Theatre of Canada, he migrates to Europe for an internship to the Theatre of the People of Bussang, in France, who will encourage him to become props man and manager set next year, then technical manager and tour manager later. He will establish finally in Metz, and will be permanent light designer in many theatres and Cultural centres in Luxembourg. For ten years, he created light designs for several productions in Luxembourg and abroad. In 2009 he becomes responsible and creative light designer in the Rotondes in Luxembourg-city.

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